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Joey Mills and Aiden Garcia are sat half naked on a rocking chair and are answering personal questions from their fans. As the chair rocks back and forth, the director is asking them questions about how they got into gay teen porn, what’s their favourite position? And all kinds of sexy questions. The rocking motion starts giving Aiden a hard-on, and Joey, who loves to feel a hard cock at his ass, can feel every inch growing under his ass. He feels his own cock begin to grow, and by the time the interview has finished, these young twinks have got excited, and their smooth young dicks are rock hard, and in need of service. Throughout the questioning, these twinks have been asked to do various things to each other, and they are now more than ready to get started.
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They kiss gently, and as Joey leans back, Aiden massages and licks his toes and feet all over. Aiden then sits on the bed, and as Joey gets pulled over his lap, his pants are pulled down, and Aiden spanks his cute naked ass for a bit. Both Aiden and Joey get turned on by this, and they feel their cocks throbbing with each slap.

With his warm ass slightly glowing, Joey Mills sits down on the bed and uses his feet to massage Aiden’s huge fat cock. Joey seems to be good at everything he does, and has Aiden moaning in ecstasy as he uses his feet on him.

Joey lies back, and Aiden is so hungry for cock himself now, that he gets straight down and deep throats Joey’s young hard cock. He takes it to the back of his throat and licks it all round his beautiful thick cock head.

They swap positions, and as Aiden stands up, and Joey sucks on his hard boner, Aiden leans forward and strokes his fingers up and down Joey’s smooth tight crack. Even though Joey’s mouth is crammed full of cock, you just hear his muffled sounds of excitement as Aiden slips the end of his finger into him.

The boys then get into all kinds of positions as they take it in turns licking and playing with each other’s sweet tasting butt holes. These twinks just can’t get enough.

Joey sits on Aiden’s raw cock, and it is mesmerizing watching his cock bounce up and down as Aiden fucks him bareback. They get lost in their own lustful world, and think of nothing but dicks and assholes as they flip flop each other raw. Eventually, with loud shouts of pleasure, they fill each other up with their sizzling hot cum.

With cum dribbling out of them, both Joey Mills and Aiden Garcia embrace and kiss for one last time.

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Aiden Garcia is a cute young twink with tattoos and a smooth slim body – check his officiel helix model page here. He is nineteen years old, five feet ten inches tall, and he has black hair, brown eyes, and he is a versatile Latin boy with a nine-inch uncut cock.
Joey Mills has just turned eighteen and is looking for cock in all the right holes. He is fresh faced, young, and he has a beautiful smooth body, and a tight butt hole. Joey is five feet nine inches tall with brown hair, sweet innocent blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cock.
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